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AraBat offers an innovative hydrometallurgical process to produce precious metal compounds (lithium, cobalt, manganese, nickel, others). We aim to sell these outputs at a competitive market price, obtained sustainably and circularly and characterized by supply and procurement problems. We also develop other innovative circular processes, produce renewable energy, and provide professional Green Economy consultancy.

The number of potential customers identified is very high and includes companies related to very different sectors: production of LIBs and EEE; metallurgy; production of glass and ceramic; pharmaceutical industry; engineering societies; others.

We aim to hit the sensitivity of companies close to environmental issues to improve their image as green companies and undertake the circular transition consistently. The essential key resources of our business model are represented by: “waste as a resource” (LIBs, agro-food, others); technological and process resources; human resources and technical and managerial know-how; financial resources; intellectual property resources. Our sales activity must embrace impactful marketing strategies that emphasize our idea on a continental level and the need for circular processes like ours for the customer and today’s society. The multichannel communication activity is aimed at attracting customers through B2B meetings, events, visits to the production site, creative advertising, use of social media with impactful content, creation of artistic products that transmit awareness messages on environmental protection.

AraBat is supported by a Technical-Scientific Committee with advisory functions, which includes all the fundamental partners of the startup: important professionals and university professors with a background particularly enriched with entrepreneurial and research and development experiences in the green world. Among the key partners: private research centers such as Marchionni SRL and CETMA; environmental consulting and education organizations such as A.FO.RI.S. – Impresa Sociale; Italian universities such as the University of Foggia (STAR* Facility Centre) and the Polytechnic University of Bari; non-profit cultural associations engaged in the enhancement of sustainable projects, such as Associazione NemicoRe. AraBat has completed the validation of its revolutionary technology and is currently oriented towards its industrial scale-up through pilot plant tests for industrial sizing. AraBat is constantly looking for new partners and investors interested in cooperating for such an ambitious project.