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AraBat products are the secondary raw materials recovered through the sustainable and circular recycling of spent lithium batteries. They are metallic compounds with a high purity value, perfectly reusable in other production cycles.


Lithium has a wide variety of end uses, with the two currently largest end uses being Li-ion batteries and glass/ceramic, accounting for approximately 70% of global lithium use. In Europe, around 90% of lithium carbonate is used for these two purposes.


Cobalt is used for the production of chemical compounds and other applications: 1) rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles, electric bicycles, laptops, telephones, medical devices, wireless instruments; 2) pharmaceutical applications; 3) refining of biogas; 4) pigments, paint dryers, trace metal additives for agricultural and medical use; and 5) catalysts for petroleum refining, polyester precursors, and hydroformylation and gas to liquids (GTL) processes.


Regarding manganese, ferro-manganese and ferro-silico-manganese are the main intermediate forms used in the steel industry, which is the main driver of manganese demand in the EU. In addition to steel production, manganese is also used to produce aluminum alloys, pigments and batteries. In particular, for the latter use, synthetic manganese dioxide is the main raw material to produce electrolytic manganese, which is used in zinc-carbon batteries and in rechargeable alkaline cells. It is estimated that 5-10% is used in dry cells and chemicals industries.


Class I nickel, class II nickel and nickel chemicals are inputs in the manufacturing stage to produce "first-uses" intermediate products such as stainless-steel products, alloy steel, nickel/copper alloys, other applications of nickel metallurgy applications and various intermediate products. These products are incorporated into finished products. Major end uses for nickel include building and construction, transportation, engineering, electrical and electronics, other applications in metal goods, portable batteries, mobility batteries, e-bikes and industrial batteries.

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